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Since 1990, Lutomski Stained Glass in Denver, CO has been gaining a reputation for excellence in stained glass services. Whether you need help with stained glass repair, specialty glass or are looking for a custom piece with contemporary flair or the feel of old world country charm, look no further than Lutomski Stained Glass! Contact us today to book your next appointment. Referencesavailable upon request.stained glass denver

I have been in the Stained glass business 23 years. I offer a full range of stained glass window services to Englewood, Denver,Castle Rock, and Aurora,CO. I was taught by Frank Loyd Wrights Great-Grand daughter. I worked for several glass studios around Denver and decided to go on my own in 1985, I also work as a professional glazier in the industry glass business. I have done work for– Private residence, Corporate business, Churches, Restaurants, Casinos, Antique Collectors, Government buildings and Libraries.

I am an artist and a builder, there is great satisfaction and enjoyment to be derived from actually making windows you’ve designed. I am fascinated with the many possibilities that glass has to offer, and different techniques that can be used in combination with each other. I hope that people who experience my work will have there sensibilities heightened. The beauty of glass the colors, the transparency and silkiness of the materials is a miracle to me. The qualities of the glass are mysterious and have a richness that is only next to nature to duplicate. It’s about listening to my clients and finding ways to get the outcome that is desired. I like to incorporate all forms of nature in my designs. However the design may change with ideas that were not on the first sketch. The light must always be taken in consideration in design and construction. Manipulating light has always been my primary interest. I look for ways of working on glass that I have not seen before.

This is not to say that the tradition techniques are out dated, nor however there are more contemporaneity concurs that need to be addressed also. The window is a blank canvas for a stained glass artist to work on. I need to be free to develop ideas and then realize it in the appropriate materials. I must return to nature constantly to observe the natural world and to re-create. As an artist I try to understand nature and watch her soul. My work is rooted in the natural world this gives me many metaphors. Glass is away of expression artistically Glass is a seductive material so you have to be careful with it.

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